Thank you Tim…

Peace in Paris3 weeks ago, I was having fun with people I love at the Stade de France. Then terrorists attacked and killed blindly in Paris.

Waiting within the crowd gathered on the field, trying to think about the safest way to go home, we met this American dude, Tim. Tim was as nervous as we were. He joined us and we walked away together… And we talked to get to know each other; we talked to get rid of the fear; we talked to make the time walking go faster during those awful events. I think I will always remember this weird night.

I  invited him to stay at our place, where we would be able to rest and try to comprehend what was happening… What happened was a nightmare.

I cried in front of him. I was happy he was fine. We all have been extremely lucky.

Today, I received a little package. A gift from Philadelphia where he lives. And right now there is a smile on my face.

Tim, this message is for you: In the darkness, our encounter has been  a match light, a positive grain of sand in a desert of sadness; A warm feeling of solidarity… And I thank you for that. Deeply.

Take care, my friend.

…And if you ever come back to Paris ;-)


PS : We love the gift ! We’ll try to send you a picture ;-)

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2 réponses à Thank you Tim…

  1. Rudy dit :

    Thank you Tim for being there with my brother.

  2. Doky Homonculi dit :

    I love the way you describe your encounter with Tim at the end. You guys lived very hard times and built a great friendship on it. Just wanted to say Bravo for your state of mind.

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